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Barbershops, Hair Salons can REOPEN!!

And to tell you the truth, I’m excited!!! I’ve spent the last several weeks having Bettina trim, shave, and cut my hair. It’s been some good cuts and some “oops!” …..and Bettina will definitely be relieved not to continue her newly found makeshift profession. (See PHOTO Below….)

So who is OPEN and and will it be DIFFERENT?
According to the Desert Sun, both Riverside County and neighboring San Bernardino County are among the 47 of California’s 58 counties that have been granted variances to state orders that allow them to move faster on reopening. As a result, barbershops and hair salons in both counties have the green light to reopen!

However, the state issued numerous guidelines for barbershops and salons to follow. Here is a list of some of these changes that we will see:

  • PPE: Customers and workers must wear face coverings during hair-cutting and other services
  • Customers should be screened and their appointments canceled if they show signs of illness
  • Face Shields: The state suggests workers use goggles or face shields.
  • One at a Time: Stylists should serve only one customer at a time
  • No more Magazines: Salons and barbershops must get rid of shared items like magazines and offerings such as water and coffee.
  • Hand Sanitizer: Reception areas must have hand sanitizer and enough space for social distancing.
  • Disinfect: Workstations and stools are to be disinfected between each customer.
  • Forehead Thermometer: Some will be using a forehead thermometer to take people’s temperature at the door.
  • No Cash: Some workers will be choosing to refuse cash on the basis of “dirty” money and the inability to disinfect physical paper notes.

I’m scheduled at my local barber shop for next week!

Go get your apts. now! Let’s help our local friends and family if possible and support LOCAL!!!

“Barbershops, hair salons can reopen in Riverside County, officials say.” Palm Springs Desert Sun. Written by Rebecca Plevin, Shad Powers and Brian Blueskye. Updated 10:31 p.m. PT May 26, 2020.