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Tour Palm Spring’s Windmills!

The Palm Springs Windmills are the most significant landmark in our valley!

Once you see them, you know Palm Springs isn’t far! But do you know anything about them? Have you every really found out what they do and how they operate?

Recently, Palm Springs Windmill Tours has started restructuring and designing new tours amidst Covid. They were hoping for families, local and out-of-towners, could have a safe and entertaining outing.

Here’s how it would work…

“They come, they bring their own car and we have a tablet that has the pre-recorded message on it,” said Randy Buckmaster, Manager at The Palm Springs Windmill Tours.

Groups may exit their vehicles to interact with each other at the 12 exhibits however, masks must be worn at all times.

“We want you to get out, we want you to get out and experience the different machines and see them for yourselves, you know you can sit in your car but it’s not the same experience,” explained Buckmaster.

The tours cost 40 dollars per car allowing a maximum of 8 people to a vehicle, with bookings only available online for now.

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