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The Most Searched-For Recipe in the US State-by-State Breakdown during the Quarantine.

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It should come as no surprise that during the time when stay-at-home orders are in place for much of the country, people have found comfort in the kitchen now more than ever. The kitchen has become a refuge for stay-at-homers, and with more time to cook comes the need for more recipes to explore. Thanks to Google, the most-searched-for recipes by individuals in each state have been accounted for and the results are nothing short of mouthwatering …and hysterical!!!

Alabama: Chicken Salad
Alaska: Cinnamon Rolls
Arizona: Lemonade We see you Arizona! We know it’s hot out! And there’s nothing quite like a cold glass of freshly-squeezed juice on a hot afternoon.
Arkansas: Hamburgers
California: Snickerdoodles
Colorado: Egg Salad Sign me up Colorado – all that post Easter Eggs need some help!!
Connecticut: Salmon
Delaware: Salmon
Florida: Margarita Más margaritas! Floridians are on the lookout for fresh margarita recipes, and we’ll cheers to that!!
Georgia: Zucchini
Hawaii: Baked Chicken
Idaho: Shoyu Chicken
Illinois: Cinnamon Rolls
Indiana: Pork Tenderloin
Iowa: Hamburgers
Kansas: Hamburgers
Kentucky: Hamburger
Louisiana: Crawfish Étouffée
Maine: Bread
Maryland: Salmon
Massachusetts: Bread
Michigan: Hamburger
Minnesota: Bread
Mississippi: Cornbread
Missouri: Hamburger
Montana: Cinnamon Rolls
Nebraska: Hamburger
Nevada: Pork Loin
New Hampshire: Bread
New Jersey: Salmon
New Mexico: Tortillas
New York: Charoset (Passover Swedish dish)
North Carolina: Pound Cake
North Dakota: Sloppy Joes
Ohio: Hamburgers
Oklahoma: Hamburger Meat
Oregon: Cinnamon Rolls
Pennsylvania: Egg Salad
Rhode Island: Chicken Parmesan
South Carolina: Pound Cake
South Dakota: Bread
Tennessee: Baked Chicken
Texas: Hamburger Meat
Utah: Crepes
Vermont: Pancakes
Virginia: Banana Pudding
West Virginia: Hamburgers
Wisconsin: Ham
Wyoming: Sourdough

Okay so….. now we are googling so many things right now! What have you been googling? What recipes are you hankering for???

Let us know in the comments!