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Seller Mistake #3

What are some common mistakes Sellers make?

Last week we began discussing the top five common mistakes I see sellers make and share how you can steer clear of them when you’re ready to sell your home.

Poor Improper Listing Photos.

Listing photos can be so very bad.

So bad, in fact, there’s an entire website dedicated to collecting all of them in one place for our viewing enjoyment (or horror)! Here:

Most agents, like myself, pay for the listing photos to be done. It is a huge disservice by agents to NOT have professional photos done. I would NEVER advertise your home without professional photography, I would not want my name on that listing.⁣

Why? ⁣
Because photos are your homes’ first impression….especially in a digital age!

Kitchen Area Kitchen Area

Kitchen Area Kitchen Area

Stunning photos can be the difference between lots of traffic and a quick sell, and no traffic and crickets (cue cricket sounds).⁣

The very first place buyers see your home is online, from that web page they see your home displayed on, they will decide if they want to schedule a showing. ⁣

If the first photo captures them, they’ll scroll to the next photo, and the next, then read the listing description, then schedule a showing. ⁣

If they are not instantly captivated by that first listing photo, they will scroll on to the next one are not going to set foot in your house

If you’re looking to sell, let’s get you listing photos that pop and highlight your home’s best features!

Give me a call today.

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