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What are some common mistakes Sellers make?

Last week we began discussing the top five common mistakes I see sellers make and share how you can steer clear of them when you’re ready to sell your home.

Mistakes 2
Sometimes I work with a seller who’s convinced their house will sell for more than I recommend. They may be emotionally tied to their home or think increasing the price gives more room for negotiation.

This is another common seller mistake.

Your potential buyers (and their agents) are looking at the same comps you are and know the appropriate price range for your home. They can easily sniff out an overpriced home — and you know what?

An overpriced home sits.
And the longer your home sits, the less appealing it is to buyers.

This can be a really hard conversation with sellers to have. I truly believe in how I price the homes I am selling because I am also investing in this process. When I take on a listing, I am adding money into marketing, advertising, photography, including my time and energy. I am not going to put all of this into a home that I don’t believe is priced correctly for this market.

This can be frustrating. However, there are many other options should a seller wish to wait to sell their home till they can get the price they are looking for. This may be discussing rental options, staging, updating, and or renovating a home so that it is more competitive on the market. I am happy to discuss ALL options when it comes to homes so that my clients receive the BEST offer.

If you’re looking to sell, let’s chat about what your home is worth, and what you can sell for. I’ll use all the tools at my disposal to get you maximum profit in minimum time.

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