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CV Harvest Box

We have been seeing these boxes on facebook, instagram, and now Palm Springs Life just wrote an article about them. So we felt we needed to check them out!

This past Monday, Bettina ordered our first box from CV Harvest and it was delivered to our door at -pm on Friday afternoon.

We have always been interested about our valley and know that the network of growers and farms in the East Valley supports so much of our local and national economy. We’ve tour the farms and explored many of the industries producers, but we were never able to regularly see where our food was coming from when shopping at local grocery stores.

But now with this box we know that our vegetables are not only locally grown in the Coachella Valley, but farm fresh and gets us out of our comfort zone on the incredible variety of food we have at our fingertips. Not to mention, all of the vegetables are seasonally based which means you are most likely to get the best of what our seasons have to offer from fall to spring, and even in summer!

It’s so neat! We totally recommend them!

Fresh Vegies
Fresh Vegies

Fresh Vegies
Fresh Vegies

Fresh Vegies

The box is a surprise every week (or month-depending on how you order) and you never know what you are going to get.

Summer produce for the harvest box may include some of the following items: green beans, okra, summer squash, radishes, bell peppers, tomatoes, melons, berries and more. Fresh bread from a local baker has also been added into the mix.

They also provide neat new recipes for cooking these locally grown foods which just means Bettina and I get to experiment more!

Fresh Vegies
Check out their instagram!
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