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HEY june

If you’re like me, you’ve spent more time deleting events from your calendar this spring than adding them. And even though we’re all bummed to miss the usual sun and fun of this time of year, it’s been amazing to see neighborhoods come together.⁣

It just proves there’s always a silver lining, am I right?

Let me guess:⁣

– You finally met your neighbors — and you can’t wait to get to know them better once all this is over!

– Your after-dinner walks have given you a fresh appreciation for your quaint neighborhood.⁣

– You’ve enjoyed takeout from nearby eateries you previously overlooked — and they’ve totally earned a spot on your weekly rotation.⁣

– You’ve shopped locally and met generous business owners sacrificing to adjust and stay open for people just like you.⁣

So as we think of what we’re missing out on, take a moment to see the silver linings all around you — I’m thinking we’re all gonna be better for this season in the long run.⁣

Enjoy your Home!