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How to Throw a Throw Blanket

You see them everywhere—throw blankets tossed effortlessly on a couch or chair that look picture perfect. When you try? looks like a mish-mashed pile your adorable two-year-old arranged. ⁣⁠
Ready to “throw” a throw blanket like a high-browed designer?⁣⁠
First things first: Draping a blanket folded longways on the back of the couch is never a good idea. ⁠

Just don’t. (Some even call it the hotdog fold. Um. No.) ⁠

If you’re not a fan of the casually thrown look, fold the blanket on the seat or arm of your couch, waiter-style—not on the back of the couch.⁣⁠
The secret to the perfectly draped blanket is using a thin, somewhat small-ish blanket. ⁠

Translation: This ain’t gonna work with your coziest, largest blanket. ⁣⁠
Take your thin, super-cute throw and spread it up the back of the couch. Now, drape it down into the seat of the couch. ⁠

Play around with any areas that look bulky. If there is a part that still looks blah, hide it under a pillow. (This is also a great trick for covering up any sagging sofa cushions.)⁣⁠
One last word of encouragement: Practice. Practice. Practice. ⁠

It’ll be tough and you’ll want to give up, but hang in there and pretty soon you’ll be throwing throws like the pros!⁣⁠

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